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SPODUMENE, Huntington, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
SPODUMENE, a very large, model-like crystal with a smaller crystal attached.
Huntington, Hampshire County, Massachusetts.
Measures 4x3-1/2x2-1/2 inches. A very old, classic specimen. Pictured in Mineralogical Record, May-June, 2007 on page 202.
14.2 x 9.2 x 3.0 cm. A large, 660-gram single, sharply terminated crystal of spodumene from this classic old locality circa 1800s. They were considered very important at the time, and these crystals were sold or traded into all major museums. Owning one of these would be an achievment in assembling any major collection of the time, of important US minerals. This location was first documented by Edward Hitchcock in 1833 (Report on the Geology, Mineralogy, Botany and Zoology of Massachusetts), and the first location to yield crystallography on the species (1879). The quarry was last operated by B. K Emerson of Amherst College, and Frank Nason (nasonite) operated the location in 1885. This is when the majority of the old specimens were recovered. For the size of this crystal, this is really good. Thanks to Jim Chenard for the following footnote: A funny note on this area was with regards to the early Professor Emerson, who wrote the Mineralogical Lexicon of Hampshire, Hampden Counties in Mass. His journal well documents the Walnut Hill location, and always used taverns as landmarks. His writing got worse during the day, and he would frequently come back to Amherst on foot, since he would forget where his horse was. This is an old location (sic.) From the estate of Albert Sebela (1921-2000) via Richard Hauck in 2001 by exchange. Sebela got it from the Shepard collection at Amherst College. Possibly the finest example known.

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