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Three Carvings by Gerd Dreher


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LHC-132.  TOAD. This masterpiece of the hard-stone carvers’ art is sculpted from a single block of two-colored Jasper-Agate from India. I have seen and owned many carvings by Gerd Dreher over the years, but this one is my single favorite. Please note the undercut talons that are usually found on objects from Newport, Rhode Island. The artist included a small free-form piece of the original rough stone for doubters. 3-1/4x2-5/8x2-1/4.





LHC-129.  PIGLET. For this example of a superbly detailed piglet, Dreher has chosen a very valuable chunk of flawless, gem-grade fire opal from Brazil. Its translucency shows quite clearly in the pig’s ears and feet. 3-1/2x2-1/2x1-3/4 inches.

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LHC-131.  SNAIL. An amazingly accurate depiction of a snail out of his attached shell. It is carved from a single block of Brazilian agate that was carefully chosen by Dreher for its variegated nature and is, of course, true to life. 4x1-3/4x2-1/2.


Antiques & Art Objects


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Gemstone Carving, Ruby Heron, Gerhard Becker. An excellent, pieced carving of a heron by Gerhard Becker of Idar-Oberstein, Germany. It stands on a rock-crystal quartz base. The feet and beak are of 18 karat gold. Maximum width is 4-1/4 inches and height with base is 5-1/2.





AGATE BOWL. An amazing product of the pre-war Idar-Oberstein, Germany lapidary traditions. This bowl was carved from a rare, large block of translucent Brazilian agate that had, originally, a surface of small quartz crystals and the carver skilfully retained those crystals all aound the rim of the bowl! The wonderful baroque form with its agate “eyes” follows the original shape of the rough stone. 10-1/4x8x5 inches.

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AGATE GOBLET. Carved from a single block of translucent agate in Pre-World War II Germany, this goblet displays beautiful patterns. Height- 4-3/4. Diameter- 4-1/2.





AGATE CUP and SAUCER, Idar-Oberstein, Germany. Both objects were carved from the same mass of banded agate before World War II. The cup is 1-7/8 inches tall and the saucer is 4 inches in diameter.

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charlestn.jpg (9852 bytes) Manuscript.   Original Appraisal of Crown Jewels of Charles I, taken 10 Jun, 1629.

This is a manuscript appraisal (approximately one folio sized sheet folded into four pages, written on two) dated June 10, 1629, of certain crown jewels pledged by Charles I and subsequently sold by him. The appraisal was made, and signed, by the following gentlemen— James Herriot, Phillipe Jacobsson, Thomas Sympson and William Tirrey, all jewelers of London.

In 1629 the King removed the contents of the Secret Jewel House ...(continued)



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