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I collect eye-agates and show here nine of my favorites.  They came from friends, associates, collections, museums, etc.- B.W. Anderson, John Betts, Quanah Wright Buliavac, Frank Chambers, Gerald Clark, David Crawford, Joseph D’Agostino, Carlton Davis, David Eidahl, Shields Flynn, Hugh A. Ford, Marion Godshaw, Gary Hansen, Richard Hauck, G. Richard Heck, Frank Hess, Frank P. Jaeger, Johannes Keilmann, George Frederick Kunz, William F. Larson, Alex Mann, Maryland Academy of Sciences, Matwich Collection, New York State Museum, Herbert Obodda, Bruce Oreck, Asa Packer, C. Carter Rich, Phillip Scalisi, Eugene E. Sensel, Harry Simon, John Sinkankas, Smith College, United States National Museum, Vassar College, Karl Vossbrinck, Ernest Weidhaas, Richard Willis, Louis Zara.  If my agates need re-polishing I trust only Merrill Hinshaw of French Lick, Indiana to do the work. 

Are you, too, a collector of old-time Brazilian eye-agates? If you are, I should appreciate hearing from you. I have been vigorously pursuing these uncommon objects and although my interest has only been recently renewed, I enjoy communicating with those who have traveled this road before I did.

Eye Agate Double Eye Agate Eye Agate
Pyramid Eye Agate Eye Agate Triple Eye Agate
Small Eye Agate Large Eye Agate Triple Eye Agate


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