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Bernard & S. Dean Levy Galleries.

The Levys are the country's leading dealers in American antique furniture, a field that has interested me for almost 50 years. There are three generations of Levys working at their gallery!

E. Vogel Custom Boots and Shoes, Since 1879.

My good friend there, Jack Lynch, one of the Vogel family, knows just about all one can about custom-made shoes and boots and if you have never tried such an item you are in for a major treat. After the first pair you will consider it a necessity. Everything the Vogels make is done on the premises; very old-fashioned and most impressive. 


Claves Regni - St. Peter's Church, Nottingham, England.

Claves Regni is the name of the website of St. Peter's Church, Nottingham, England where, on 24 January 1625  my ancestor, John Conckelyne (1598-1684), married Elizabeth Allseabrook (1600-1671.) For me to be able to view photographs and learn about the history of a church, still standing, and whose roots go back to the 12th century is a bit overwhelming.

Grolier Club.

I am proud of being a member of The Grolier Club since 1991 and the new website explains all about the country's oldest club devoted to book collecting and related subjects. I have been a member of the Print Committee since 1997.

National Register of Historic Places.

National Register of Historic Places. This website lists all noteworty historic sites in the U.S.A. My old Beardsley House is included, of course.

Pala International

Pala International is home to some of the planet’s finest gems, precious stones and mineral specimens.

Russ Behnke Minerals

This is the excellent website of Russ Behnke, an old friend and longtime mineral collector.

Sterling Hill Mining Museum.

My good friends Richard and Robert Hauck have, with much volunteer help, created a wonder in New Jersey. The Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg is, simply, a dazzling place to visit and one can really go underground there. All the details are listed on their website.

Camborne School of Mines Virtual Museum

An excellent website about the geology and mineralogy of Cornubian Orefield in Cornwall and Devon.  All such websites should be like this.



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